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The cafe is friendly and a great place to catch up with family and friends or dine solo.

We're now open but following the safety procedures set out by the government. Please adhere to these rules and stay safe.  Please take a seat at the designated table and wait for the waitress to come over, we are providing a full table service only. Please remain in your seats. 

Please wear a mask when entering the cafe and when away from your table at any time. Staff will also be wearing masks at all times.  Please be mindful of social distancing, things may take a little longer than usual at this time, thank you for your patience and enjoy your visit with us. 



Walk ins are available daily, if you are booking for afternoon or tables of 6 or more please make

a booking by calling 01978 361177.


You can order from the menu for takeaway or collection every day.

BRUNCH - served all day

Bacon Butty £3

streaky bacon, choose white or brown,
served w/ tomato chutney

Sausage Butty £3

thick pork sausage, choose white or brown,
served w/tomato chutney

Oven Roasted Mushroom Butty  £3
Choose white or brown, served w/ tomato chutney


Poached Eggs (v) £5 

on white or brown toast

Avocado & Feta Toast (v) £6.50

Freshly sliced avocado, served on brown toast,
w/ feta cheese + hummus
+ add on bacon

+ add on smoked salmon £2.50

Lot Sausage + Egg Muffin £6

Sausage patties, American cheese + fried egg w/siracha mayo

+ add on hash browns £1.50

Shrooms + Halloumi on Toast (v) £6.50

w/rocket + siracha mayo

Eggs Benedict £6

toasted bread muffin, poached eggs w/streaky bacon + hollandaise

Eggs Royale £7

toasted bread muffin, poached eggs w/streaky bacon + hollandaise

Bacon + Halloumi Bagel £6

served with fresh rocket + tomato chutney

Smoked Salmon Bagel £6

served with cream cheese, rocket + lemon


Add ons to any brunch:-

Fried Egg / Poached / Mushroom £1

Bacon / Sausage / Hash browns £1.50

Halloumi / Avocado/ Black Pudding £2

Smoked Salmon £2.50

Fries £3.50


all served on white or brown bread w/ side salad.

Choose as sandwich or toastie

Gammon, Ham + Cheddar Cheese £4.50

Tuna Mayo + Cheddar Cheese £4.70

Egg Mayo (v) £4

Falafel + Hummus + Tomato (v) £4.70

Tuna Mayo £4

Cheese + Onion (v) £4.70

Gammon Ham £4

Soup of the Day £5



Espresso £2

Double Espresso £2.20

Long Black £2.20

Americano £2.30

Cappuccino £2.75

Latte £2.90

Flat White £2.60

Espresso Macchiato £2.30

Mocha £2.95

Chai Latte £3

TEA by Teadrop

Breakfast £2.30

Earl Grey £2.30

Honeydew Green £2.30

Lemongrass & Ginger £2.30

Peppermint £2.30

Chamomile Blossom £2.30

Fruits of Eden £2.30

Decaf £2.30


Deluxe Hot Chocolate £3

Orange Hot Chocolate £3.30

Black Forest Hot Chocolate £3.30

Mint Hot Chocolate £3.30

Hazelnut Hot Chocolate £3.30

Bailey's Hot Chocolate 18+ £4.50


Diet Coke / Coke / Sprite / Coke Zero £1.50

Freshly squeezed Orange Juice £3.50

Cranberry / Pineapple Juice £2

Apple Juice Bottle £2.50

Orange Juice Bottle £2.50

Still / Sprakling Water £1.20

Elderflower Lemonade £2.50

Tonic / Light Tonic £1.50



Stack of American Pancakes (v) £7

Belgian Waffles (v) £7

Childs Pancakes (v) £4

Childs Waffles (v) £4

Choose the topping:-

Nutella + Strawberries

Syrup + Blueberries

Biscoff Pieces, Biscoff Sauce + Squirty Cream


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(before 11am)

Sausage OR bacon OR mushroom buttie + Americano OR tea £4


Lunch sandwich + crisps OR cake + soft drink can £6
(sprite, diet coke, coke)

Add a soup to any sandwich for a meal deal for £3


White -  175ml £5 / 250ml £6.50 / Bottle £16 

Red -  175ml £5 / 250ml £6.50 / Bottle £16 

Rose -  175ml £5 / 250ml £8 / Bottle £18 

Prosecco, Italian Prosecco 250ml £6 / 750ml £8

Beers - Corona, Peroni, Bootlegger, Wrexham Export £3.80, Punk IPA £4

Ask about our selection of Gin's and Spirits




Prosecco, cointreau + orange juice

Frozen Daiquiri

Barcardi rum + lime juice + sugar syrup + choose from passion fruit, mango or very berry

Aeperol Spritz

Aeperol + prosecco + orange + soda

Espresso Martini

Vanilla vodka + Kahlua + milk + espresso

Porn Star Martini

Passoa + vanilla vodka + pineapple + passionfruit juice + lime juice + prosecco shot


Vodka + lime juice + cranberry + cointreau


Prosecco + sugar syrup + choose elderflower or passionfruit flavour

Gin + Tea

Fruits of eden iced tea + gin + sugar syrup

All £6.95 each or 2 for £12

Click here to see a range of Graze Boxes for takeaway and to eat indoors - if you wish to book one these to eat in or takeaway we will need 24 hours notice.

Please see the board and the counter for today’s cakes and specials.

Advise the staff of any intolerances or allergies. Gluten free bread is sometimes available.

(v) vegetarian (vg) vegan (gf) gluten free